Self Payment Kiosks Glory System

Restaurants, Coffee shops and supermarkets Self-Payment Kiosks.

The use of self-order kiosks in Singapore has been taking off, with the rate of adoption among restaurant, supermarket operators expected to accelerate in the coming years.

Automated teller service.
Cash automation teller serve as the branch vault, allowing tellers to buy, and with recyclers sell, cash without involving a vault teller or supervisor within premises.

Improved transaction security.
A traditional teller must count cash at least twice a day.Auto Teller replaces one of these steps with what is generally a faster in operation from a machine. The marginal benefit increases with the amount of cash in any given transaction, work safer and smarter.

Enhanced customer service.
The time used to count cash can is shorten. More time to interact with the customers.
Improved teller balancing and teller balancing percentages should be higher.

Universal staffing is more feasible.
Traditional tellers does not have a safe and with the enhanced armed security system, operators no longer worries and to bank in the cash to bank daily. Save time and work.